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  • Bodeアナライザー・スーツ
  • Bode100の制御、操作
  • キャリブレーション
  • 測定値の表示
  • 測定値の加工、計算
  • データ表示とデータの保存



  • 入力インピーダンスを1MΩ~50Ωでの選択
  • ジェネレーター・ソースの値を設定
  • アッテネーション値の選定(0、10、20、30、40dB)
  • アッテネーション値の選定(0、10、20、30、40dB)


  • オープン回路
  • 短絡回路
  • 負荷校正
  • 計測値表示




CSVファイルを使用して、周波数スイープデータをMicrosoft Excelなどのソフトウェアにエクスポートすることができます。 又、Bode100は計測値を含めて*.Bode(XML)ファイル形式で保存とリロードができます。

Bodeアナライザー・スーツ・ソフトウェアの無償ダウンロード はこちらから。

ベクトル・ネットワーク・アナライザー Bode100


Bode 100 offers two VNA modes:vector02_large.jpg

  • In the Frequency Sweep mode Bode 100's fully integrated internal measurement circuits assess the DUT's gain/phase and impedance/reflection.
  • The Frequency Sweep (External coupler) mode allows using of external measurement circuitry such as amplifiers and directional couplers for special impedance/reflection measurement requirements (e.g. measurement of broadcast antennas).

The frequency sweep may be undertaken using a linear or logarithmic method to produce Bode plots in the whole frequency range. The results may be displayed in different formats as magnitude, phase, real part, imaginary part, group delay ...
Also polar plots for gain and impedance measurements as well as Smith charts for reflection measurements are available.

Core Specification

Frequency range: 1 Hz to 50 MHz
Source Signal level: -27 dBm to 13 dBm
Dynamic range: 100 mV full scale (for input attenuator 0 dB)
Accuracy: < 0.1 dB (calibrated) / < 0.5° (calibrated)
Number of points: 10 - 16501 (freely selectable)

More Technical Data


Bode100は回路上のゲイン、及びアクティブ、パッシブな位相の測定が出来ます。 複素平面における、回路上の位相シフトを計測して、回路動作を示すグラフィック表示が得られます。 この機能により閉ループ制御系、ビデオシステム、RF設備、インダクタの分析、その他詳細な情報得る事が可能です。
計測する回路はパソコンから設定されたレベルと周波数の50Ωソースから給電されます。 入力インピーダンスは50Ωからハイインピーダンスまで設定可能です。

周波数レンジ: 1 Hz to 50 MHz
ソースシグナルレベル: -27 dBm to 13 dBm
ダイナミックレンジ: 100 mV full scale (for input attenuator 0 dB)
精度: < 0.1 dB (calibrated) / < 0.5° (calibrated)

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Bode100は回路上のインピーダンス、アドミッタンス、及びアクティブ、パッシブな反射波の測定が出来ます。 複素平面上のインピーダンス、アドミッタンス、および反射波のベクトルを計測することができます。

Bode 100とお使いのPCを接続するだけで回路解析のデータ計測が可能となります。PCの画面上には計測データにより回路の等価回路を自動表示しますので計測時に回路の特性が直感的に理解する助けになります。

周波数レンジ: 1 Hz to 50 MHzimpedance02_large.jpg
ソースシグナルレベル: -27 dBm to 13 dBm
ソースレベルの周波数特性 1Hz to 50MHz: +/-0.3dB (referred to 100kHz)
Maximum possible return power at the source connector: 0.5W

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The sine wave signal of Bode 100 can be usedsine-wave01_large-thumb-200x153-112.gif

  • to generate a continuous sine wave signal with an amplitude selectable in the range from 0.01V to 1VRMS into 50 Ohm load
  • to generate a wide frequency sweep from 1Hz to 50MHz with constant signal amplitude
  • to generate a sinusoidal swept frequency signal with a programmable amplitude shape vs. frequency.

Waveform: Sinusoidial signal
Frequency range: 1Hz to 50MHz
Output impedance: 50 Ohms
Signal level: -27 dBm to 13 dBm (at 50 Ohms load)
Connector: BNC

More Technical Data



V3.12 (2017-11-06)

  • Averaging feature
  • Smith-chart in fixed-frequency measurements
  • Several bug-fixes (see: Version information)

V3.11 (2017-08-14)

BAS 3.11 further improves BAS 3.00 and brings new features:

  • Automatic Resonance-frequency and Q-factor calculation
    (especially for RFID and NFC measurements)
  • Link cursors to evaluate e.g. Gain slope at crossover frequency
  • Long memory names are displayed via mouse-over
  • For a detailed list of improvements and known issues, see: Version information

V3.00 (2017-04-12)

BAS 3.00 is a completely new Bode Analyzer Suite that brings the following improvements and new features:

  • Measure up to 50 MHz with your existing Bode 100
  • Improved work-flow especially for memory curves
  • Predefined measurement modes fitting your measurement application
  • 7 Impedance measurement modes to measure impedance from mΩ to MΩ
  • Attach cursors to memories
  • Perform Shunt-Thru and Series-Thru measurements
  • De-embed connections, probes and mounts using Open, Short and Load calibration in all impedance measurement modes
  • Perform swept or fixed frequency measurements in all modes
  • Export CSV, Excel and Touchstone files
  • Save your measurement results as a PDF print-report
  • Use multiple Bode 100 devices on one PC
  • Completely new and improved Automation Interface with COM and .NET access

V2.43 SR1 (2014-11-27)

  • Fixed issue with Warm-Up (Automation Interface)
  • Improved reaction speed of new Advanced PM Calculation
  • Release information and details

V2.43 (2014-09-04)

  • Source On/Off changed in Automation Interface
  • New "Non-Invasive Phasemargin Calculation" method
  • BAS creates logfile for better customer support
  • Several performance improvements and bugfixes

V2.42 (2014-01)

  • Automatic optimizing of the sweep curve (Auto Optimize)
  • Drag & drop support for shaped level dialog
  • New bode file type with .bodex extension
  • Save and load of calibration in the Automation Interface
  • .boa file is no longer supported in the Automation Interface
  • New Automation Interface methods to increase measurement speed

V2.41 SR1 (2013-03)

  • Tg calculation to impedance/reflection measurements added
  • Unwrapped phase display improved
  • Memory trace csv export issue fixed
  • Minor bug fixes

V2.41 (2012-12)

  • Added chart annotations
  • Multiple memory traces added
  • Data+Memory, Data-Memory, Data*Memory calculation
  • Zipped bode file is now available (*.bodz)
  • Check online for updates of the BAS
  • Send bode file to support feature added
  • Possibility to clear the internal device calibration
  • Memory and trace styles can be changed in context menu
  • Trace markers can be enabled
  • Improved shaped level display
  • Enhanced cursor grid
  • Cosmetic bug fixes

V2.40 (2012-08)

  • Internal Device Calibration is stored to the PC to reduce startup time
  • Improved 1 Hz / 10 Hz start frequency behavior
  • Calibration is performed with the selected output level (inlcluding shaped level)
  • CSV export offers possibility to start an external program
  • Trace data can be copied to the clipboard
  • Phase gridlines can be selected to be multiples of 10, 30, 45 and pi
  • Open recently accessed files enabled
  • Drag and drop of *.bode files enabled
  • Calibration state is visible in status bar
  • Improved "Optimize" scaling algorithm
  • Copy chart to clipboard can include cursor table
  • Options dialog redesigned
  • Cursor color and style can be changed
  • Font size for documentation purpose can be changed
  • Improved 125% and 150% readability
  • Multiple instances of the Bode Analyzer Suite can be started
  • Toolbars can be switched on and off
  • Automation Interface structure redesigned
  • LabVIEW library adapted to the new Automation Interface structure
  • Minor Bug fixes

V2.33 SR5 (2012-07)

  • Internal Calibration is stored in the Automation Interface
  • Resolved impedance measurement issue from 5-20 kHz
  • Minor bug fixes

V2.33 (2012-03)

  • Cursor position stored in Bode file
  • Nyquist Diagram added
  • New Cursor functions Jump to Zero, Jump to Value and Jump to next Value added
  • Migration to .net Framework 4.0
  • Minor bug fixes

V2.32 (2011-07)

  • New commenting feature added for all measurement modes
  • Improved Calibration time out handling for low receiver bandwidths
  • Some cosmetic bug fixes

V2.31 (2011-01)

  • Phase Margin Calculation for non-invasive stability measurement of power supplies added
  • Logarithmic scaling and improved zoom possibilities for shaped level setup screen added
  • Improved visibility of gridlines
  • Minor bug fixing

V2.30 SR1 (2010-10)

  • Improved Clipboard Export (better grid, better curve separation between data and memory)
  • New manual added to CD-ROM in pdf Format
  • Minor bug fixes

PDF ユーザーマニュアル
PDF Bode 100 Product Brochure
PDF B-WIT 100 Datasheet


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